Black Men in Crisis
About FDRC

On September 30, 2010, one hundred and ten Black men came together to begin a dialogue that ultimately led to the development of a ten-year agenda aimed at addressing the crisis facing Black Men in the City of Philadelphia. Men from all walks of life attended the meeting – including the Mayor, the District Attorney, the Chair of the School Reform Commission, leadership of the local NAACP, usinessmen, community activists, religious leaders (from a variety of backgrounds), doctors, and educators, etc.


The Agenda
The result of this gathering was an agreement to develop/produce an Agenda for action, along with a relevant plan of action-steps. Our resolve to form this Agenda is accompanied by an understanding
that these issues are long-standing and transgenerational, hence we recognize that our efforts will require a long-term commitment connected to a passionate and patient pursuit of our agreed upon objectives. Because we all differ, we may all employ differing skills and tools in our working together; but we must be single in our agreement to work cooperatively in order to form, and execute, the Agenda that we develop.

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The Process
At the initial gathering of this collaborative effort attendees were asked to self-appoint themselves to
four respective Committees. These Committees were charged with the task of reporting back to the general consortium after a designated period. Their reports were to include a mission statement, recommendations and action steps.

The Reports
Each Committee submitted a report through their Chairman that responded to the original mandate
given to each. These reports - all produced and assembled by the efforts of men who were volunteering
the time and efforts - varied in length, tone, format, etc. It was then determined that a basic format
should be developed that would allow for a synopsis of the Committee Reports in a standard, cogent
form, for purposes of this document.

However, it was also determined that the original work of these Committees, as submitted by way of
the Reports offered through the respective Chairmen, be made available for review and publication via
a website dedicated for that purpose. Accordingly, the full report of each of the Committees can be read
in-full online

Committee Reports
Criminal Justice Committee Report

The Economic Development Committee

The Education Committee Report

The Health Committee Report