Black Men in Crisis
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The Education Committee Report
The crisis of education in America is catastrophic for black males from low levels of classroom achievement to high dropout rates to dwindling numbers of black males in college. Problems with education drive problems related to the three other elements of this reports: criminal justice, economics and health. We need new and renewed

We seek to foster recommendations that direct families, communities and institutions to assure the educational and vocational wellbeing of Black males, and to advance strategies to immerse Black males in relevant academic, artistic, athletic, cultural and technological opportunities.

Recommendation No 1: Provide strategic and necessary support for Black male children and youth in educational settings.
Action Step No. 1:
Create student success centers in an undetermined number of schools.

Action Step No .2:
Establish family engagement centers for parental guidance and problem-resolution.

Action Step No. 3:
Critique and align disciplinary policies and practices to enhance Black male educational mission, i.e., in-school suspension versus out-of-school suspension, zero-tolerance policy, etc.

Action Step No 4:
Support efforts to increase graduation rates of Black males.

Recommendation No. 2: Enhance parent and community engagement.
Action Step No. 1: Reduce communication and cultural barriers between parents, teachers and school administrators.

Recommendation No. 3: Develop more culturally sensitive approaches to mental and behavioral health.
Action Step No. 1: Promote hiring more Black male counselors and support staff who are sensitive to and capable of effectively interacting in a productive way with Black male students.

Action Step No. 2:  Promote a motivational teaching environment that provides culturally appropriate learning supports for Black males.

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