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The Economic Development Committee Report
Economic self-sufficiency is the foundational element for any and all improvements for black males in particular and the black community in general. Achieving that self-sufficiency requires correcting many major misconceptions including the notion that economic development is derived principally from the public sector. Achieving that self-sufficiency requires providing credible alternatives for black men currently engaged in the black market economy. Achieving economic self-sufficiency requires increasing awareness of the state of the low level of Black male entrepreneurship and its negative effect on wealth creation in the Black community. Achieving this goal requires effectively altering this entrepreneurship gap by confronting and correcting educational and market impediments. Achieving self-sufficiency also requires concerted efforts to support business corridors and business development initiatives in the black community.

Increase awareness of the state of the low level of Black male entrepreneurship and its negative effect on wealth creation in the Black community, and to effectively alter this situation by confronting educational and market impediments.

Recommendation No 1: Networking
Action Step No. 1:
Establish a demonstration project to teach Black males the art and science of effective networking with people and organizations.

Recommendation No. 2: Mentoring and Trust Building.
Action Step No. 1: For neglected Black male youth, create entrepreneurial mentoring programs coordinated with civic, corporate and educational institutions, as well as with other Black male entrepreneurs.

Recommendation No. 3: Education
Action Step No. 1:Work with the Community College of Philadelphia and the School District of Philadelphia in developing a formal curriculum for entrepreneurial training.

Recommendation No. 4: Accelerated Cash Flow Concept
Action Step No.1: Engage private and public sector institutions in establishing an accelerated payment process (2 – 3 weeks) for paying vendors with gross receipts less than $1M, with the intention of spurring a more entrepreneur-friendly environment

Recommendation No. 5: A Non-Traditional Financing Source
Action Step No.1: Investigate private sources for investment in the establishment of a non-traditional financing source for Black male entrepreneurship; also develop a business plan of this model for presentation.

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